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libero script

The new show of Lorenzo Cinotti & Jeanette Flexonette is called Libero!. The new production, loyal to the sense of humor of the duo, is a parody of circus, theatre and music: acrobatic and juggling with balls, volleyballs and balloons. The tablecloth will be pulled, and if the luck will stand on our side, the porcellains will be survive, but maybe not the knifes thrower. The main role will be played by the irony while the teddies will stay like the son of Wilhelm Tell. Ducks will dance and will fall in love under the disco ball. Also the audience will love them and the spectators will play a concert by accompaning the trumpets of Lorenzo and Jeanette. At the end all around will be laught and everyone will fell Libero!.

The creation of this project was made possible by a grant from the Foundation for culture of the free state of Saxony.


Libero! technical rider – outdoor shows

Libero! technical rider – stages or theaters